The village Xihoudu (Chinese西 侯 度) is part of the greater community Fenglingdu (风陵渡 镇) of the circle Ruicheng (芮城 县) in the administrative territory of the prefecture-level city Yuncheng (运 城市), Shanxi Province of China. According to him, the excavated in the years 1961-1962 Xihoudu - culture (Chinese西 侯 度 文化, pinyin Xihoudu wenhua, W.-G. Hsi -hou -tu wen -hua ), an early Paleolithic culture named. Also a Faunengemeinschaft the early Pleistocene period, Xihoudu - Faunengemeinschaft (Chinese:西 侯 度 动物 群Xihoudu dongwuqun ), is named after her.

34.693055555556110.27Koordinaten: 34 ° 42 'N, 110 ° 16 ' E

  • Place in Shanxi
  • Village (China)