XII (1st Royal Saxon) Corps

The XII. ( I. Royal Saxon ) Army Corps was in 1867 a Saxon major unit of the Army of the North German Confederation and the army of the German Empire, which had its headquarters in Dresden.

Until the time of the XIX. ( II Royal Saxon ) Army Corps in 1899 it was the only Saxon Corps. Then the Corps District was reduced to the ostwärtigen part of the Kingdom of Saxony. The Corps was subordinate to the peace of the Second Army inspection, at the beginning of the First World War, it was subordinated to the 3rd Army.

The corps was commanded by its lineup until 19 August 1870 by Prince Albert. After he had assumed command of the Meuse in the Franco-German War, commanded by his brother Prince George 's corps. This held the command until March 29, 1900.

Imputed associations at the beginning of the First World War

  • 23 Division (1st Royal Saxon ) in Dresden
  • 32nd Division (3rd Royal Saxon ) in Bautzen
  • Royal Saxon Foot Artillery Regiment No. 12 in Dresden / Riesa
  • 1st Royal Saxon Jäger Battalion 12 in Freiberg
  • 2nd Royal Saxon Jäger Battalion 13 in Dresden
  • 1st Royal Saxon Pioneer Battalion No. 12 in Pirna
  • 1st Royal Saxon Train Battalion 12 in Dresden
  • Royal Saxon telegraph battalion # 7 in Dresden

Commanding General

The formed during the mobilization in 1914 Deputy Commanding General in Dresden led to March 1918 Cavalry General Hermann von Broizem, then general of the infantry Leo Goetz von Olenhusen.