Xiliao River

He Xiliao

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The Xiliao He or Western Liao River (Chinese西 辽河/西 辽河, Pinyin Xīliáo Hé, English Xiliao River) is the western source of the river Liao River (Chinese辽河/辽河, Pinyin Liao Hé, English Liao River) in eastern Inner Mongolia in China.

The Liao He is created by the union of the rivers Xiliao He ( " Western Liao River " ) and Dongliao He ( "Eastern Liao River ").

The Xiliao He is also formed by the union of two source rivers: the northerly flowing Xar Moron He (西拉 木 伦 河, Xila Mulun He) and the Laoha He (老 哈 河, Lǎoha Hé ) from the south. A later tributary of Xiliao He is the Xinkai He (新开河).

The Xar Moron He rises in the mountains Baicha Shan (白 岔 山) in the southwest of Hexigten banner in the southeastern Inner Mongolia. The Laoha He rises in Guangtou Shan (光头 山) of the circle Pingquan in Hebei Province.

The Xiliao He has a length of 829 km and a catchment area of ​​147,000 square kilometers.

In its catchment area are the sites of various Neolithic cultures.