Xilin County

Xilin (Chinese西林县, Pinyin Xilin Xiàn ) is a district in the Autonomous Region Guangxi Zhuang Nationality in the People's Republic of China. He belongs to the administrative area of the prefecture-level city Bose. It is located in the extreme west of Guangxi in the region bordering the provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou. Its main town is the large village Bada. It has an area of 2,955 square kilometers, 2004, he was one of about 130,000 inhabitants. A famous breed of cattle, the Xilin water buffalo (English Xilin Buffalo ), is named after the place.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, is the circle of two large municipalities and six municipalities, three of nationality communities together. These are:

  • Large village Bada八达 镇
  • Greater community Guzhang古 障 镇
  • Community Mabang马 蚌 乡
  • Community Puhe the Miao普 合 苗族 乡
  • Community Xiping西 平 乡
  • Community Nazuo the Miao那 佐 苗族 乡
  • Community Nalao那 劳 乡
  • Community Zubie the Yao and Miao足 别 瑶族 苗族 乡