Xine [ ksi: n] is a free ( under the GNU General Public License) Media Player for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, IRIX and Mac OS X. The support of additional platforms such as Windows, HP- UX, OpenBSD and OS / 2 are working.

The program is divided into a backend ( xine- lib ) which provides the audio and video functionality, and graphical frontends, which are used to interact with the user. The following frontends are available:

  • Xine -ui, the standard front-end, based on X11;
  • Gxine, uses GTK
  • Kaffeine is based on KDE, you can use other backends;
  • Goggles Music Manager, written with FOX;
  • Oxine.
  • Phonon (initial Unix -like system (except Mac OS X) as the primary playback solution )

It supports all common container formats like AVI, Ogg / Ogg Media or MKV as well as many different video and audio codecs, many of them using the libavcodec codec library, which is included in FFmpeg. In addition, media such as DVDs or CDs can be played. Using libdvdcss even CSS encrypted DVDs can be played back. Recent versions also support Digital TV (DVB).