Xinyu (Chinese新余 市, pinyin Xinyu Shì ) is a prefecture-level city in China's Jiangxi Province, about 135 km southwest of the provincial capital Nanchang in Yuan He flow.

Administrative Divisions

The administrative area of the city has an area of 3,178 km ² and approximately 1.11 million inhabitants ( end of 2004). At county level, Xinyu consists of a municipality and a circle. These are:

  • Municipality Yushui (渝水区), 1776 km ², 1.08 million inhabitants, the center and seat of the municipal government;
  • Circle Fenyi (分宜 县), 1388 km ², 310,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Fenyi (分宜 镇).

Economy, climate, transport, tourism

The city is dominated by the steel plant of Xinyu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.. As the government of the province Jangxi invested in the expansion of the steel location, the city is growing rapidly.

The climate is generally very hot and humid in summer.

The city does not have its own airport, it uses the 2.5 hours away by motorway from the airport Nanchang.

The city has several hotels.

One attraction is the nearby "Faerie Lake ", a large lake with many islands and a resort.