Xitami is a small, free web server iMatix, which was developed primarily for Windows and Linux or Unix distributions. Because of its portability, it can also be operated on AIX, Solaris and OpenVMS. Xitami supports all major web standards and is actively developed.

Revision history

The first Xitami server was introduced in 1996. Until 2000, he was regularly updated to version 2.5, from then on it was up to 2009, only security updates.

In mid-2009 a new version of Xitami server named X5 was released. X5 was written in C99 and uses the Apache Portable Runtime.


In the English-speaking world Xitami is accused of using an inexpressible product name that begins with "X". Indeed, the name was chosen by the developers at the last minute when they realized that their initial choice was used by another Web server, but is now extinct. " Xitami " is simply read " iMatix " backwards. Because of the uncertainties pronunciation is recommended in the FAQ, the "X" as "Sh " or as in German as " Ks " to pronounce.