Xiuhcoatl (fire serpent ) is a figure from Aztec mythology. She is depicted as the weapon of the supreme god Huitzilopochtli. Xiuhcoatl is a word from the Nahuatl. Literally translated, it means " Turquoise Snake ," free it is translated as " serpent of fire ". Xiuhcoatl was considered the lightning- like weapon of the sun and was seen as for droughts and crop failures responsible.


Xiuhcoatl was considered a Nagual or spirit of the Aztec Fire God Xiuhtecuhtli, which was seen as a patron of rulership. He also, and thus the fire was - as Xiuhcoatl - associated with the color turquoise and ambivalent perceived as destructive, but also charitable. Bernardino de Sahagun describes this relationship:

The Lord of turquoise ... and the sacred flame, it is called the fire or the old God and our Father. He was regarded as a god because he burns the People ... burns the fields and in many ways is beneficial: it will warm up to it, cook with it ... burns a little dry with him, burn him with coals.

Exhibits and displays


The British Museum holds in its portfolio a stone figure representing Xiuhcoatl. It has the head of a snake, which has threateningly opened her mouth, and is provided with short legs that carry curved claws. The tail of the figure is molded with two trapezoidal structures and a final triangle as well as the traditional Mexican symbol Xihuitl year. The statue is in the original 77 cm high and 60 cm wide. After Guillermo Dupaix, a collector Aztec Antiques, comes the figure of Texcoco, a town on the eastern shore of the lake on which was built the pre-Columbian capital of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan. She was obviously a decorative presentation, which was integrated into a building. She had been acquired by William Bullock in 1823 in Mexico.


In Codex Borbonicus Huitzilopochtli shows how he raised in his right hand Xiuhcoatl. Xiuhcoatl is characteristically decorated in turquoise.


Also in the British Museum there is a mosaic depicting a double-headed, serpent turquoise. Also, it is interpreted as a representation of Xiuhcoatl.

Semi-automatic rifle FX- 05 " Xiuhcoatl "

The Mexican semi-automatic rifle FX -05 Xiuhcoatl takes its name from the mythological Aztec serpent of fire. This is a throwback to the Aztec divine fire weapon of destruction.