XL Airways France

XL Airways France is a French charter airline based in Paris and based on the Paris-Charles de Gaulle.


XL Airways France was founded in 1995 by Cédric Pastrour under the name Star Europe. The French tour operator Look Voyages initially held a stake of 58.6 % in the company. The operation was admitted on 20 December 1995 with a flight from Lyon to Tenerife. Initially, the company used a Boeing 737-300 a. Two Boeing 737-400 supplemented the fleet in April 1996. Between December 1996 and March 1997 Star Europe conducted its first long-haul flights from Paris- Charles -de- Gaulle airport in the Caribbean through. Used here was a McDonnell Douglas MD -11, which the company had rented from the Belgian City Bird. During the year 1997, the Company replaced its Boeing 737 by five aircraft of the type Airbus A320. In October 1997, the company changed its name to Star Airlines. In 1998, took over the Canadian group group Transat AT, which also operates the airline Air Transat, a majority stake in Star Airlines.

In 2002, Star Airlines received its first Airbus A330.

Star Airlines was acquired in 2006 by the XL Leisure Group based in the UK and renamed on 23 November 2006 in XL Airways France. XL Airways France and XL Airways Germany sister company were bought by Straumur Investment Bank after the XL Leisure Group went into bankruptcy in 2008. XL Airways UK, however, adjusted the operation in 2008, XL Airways Germany followed in 2012, bringing XL Airways France is the last airline that group today.

XL Airways France is among one of 34 airlines that have a contract with the Austrian Amadeus (CRS ). Through him all travel agents have access to all flights operated by the contractor.


Overall, XL Airways France flies to over 52 destinations with a predominantly tourist character, including Paris from Venice, Palermo, Sevilla, Cancun, Las Vegas and New York City. Mostly destinations in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean are served.


As of July 2013, the fleet of XL Airways France from eight aircraft is with a mean age of 8.4 years:

  • 3 Airbus A330 -200 ( 1 operated by HiFly )
  • 2 Airbus A330 -300 ( 1 operated by HiFly )
  • 3 Boeing 737-800 (1 operated for Luxair )

XL Airways France buys / leases and sells aircraft and over again as needed. By early 2011, two Airbus A330-300s were operated, but were sold to other companies. In addition, were also repeatedly A320 -200, A330 -200 was added and Boeing 737-800 in the fleet, and then discharged.