XM1111 Mid-Range Munition

The XM1111 Mid- Range Munition ( MRM ) is a precision-guided munitions for the Rheinmetall 120 mm smoothbore gun, which variant is referred to in the U.S. armed forces as M256. It is developed to meet the requirements of the Future Combat Systems for a " non-line of sight" tank ammunition. It is developed in two versions and is to be introduced in 2013.


MRM -KE acts as a kinetic energy projectile by direct hits. The ammunition can be fired both directly and indirectly. By the time they reached the target area, the projectile flies on a ballistic trajectory and activated in the final approach a rocket engine to be supersonic fast (up to Mach 4 ). Together with the small thrusters for quick course corrections should be as on the one hand, the kinetic energy of the penetrator be increased, on the other hand are so distance active protection measures are being circumvented. The target detection is a passive laser sensor and an active radar system, which can detect targets autonomously ( Fire -and-Forget ).

The MRM -CE works on the same principle, except that instead of the millimeter -wave radar, an imaging infrared seeker is integrated. Through the hollow charge it is also effective against light and unarmored targets ( positions, buildings, cars).

The bullets can be made with a laser target marking precisely the finish, for example by a forward observer. If an opposing tanks should be attacked, can be targeted with the laser target also next to the vehicle. The ammunition will automatically switch to the identified destination which is closest to the laser spot. Thus, the opposing laser Warner will not be triggered.


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