Xming is an implementation of an X server for Windows. The Xming server based on X.Org server and is compiled with MinGW and POSIX threads. ( Xming is not based on the Cygwin emulation, so it is not to be confused with Cygwin / X ).

Xming can be used with SSH implementations such as PuTTY, so that X11 sessions can be encrypted from remote Unix machine running. The Xming package includes not own any X clients.


The license of Xming is different depending on the reference point. On the official website it is stated that all the installers and components, which can be downloaded from SourceForge, are published under Public Domain. Those and other files and documentation from the official website, however, are under a very restrictive license, in which all rights are reserved. Potential users of the commercial or public sector must first apply for specifying the number of installations an individual license. Academic institutions with fees must also apply for individual licenses. Individuals who wish to download the software for the home will have to pay a valid one-year license.

In previous versions of the software has been released under the GPL, but made additional restrictions, which does not violate the GPL itself. According to a related correction of the FSF, the reference to the use of the GPL has been removed.