XMOS is a British fabless semiconductor company with its own manufacturing facilities based in Bristol. XMOS has specialized in multi-core processors with multithreading hardwareseitigem for hard real- time systems and DSP applications.


XMOS was founded in July 2005 by Ali Dixon, James Foster, Noel Hurley, David May and Hitesh Mehta, among others, with start-up capital of the University of Bristol. The Name XMOS is inspired by Inmos, some basic concepts were already at the transputer application.


Developed by XMOS processors contain one or more cores that implement each hardware -side multithreading. As the only dedicated interface provides an on-chip switch for transparent connections both between the threads in the core and the cores of a processor, and various processors. This large parallel clusters can be constructed, using both packet-oriented communication between threads is possible as well as streaming. Other interfaces are implemented solely in software directly to the up to 64 I / O pins, while data rates up to 100 MHz can be achieved (eg, Ethernet and USB). Therefore, the processors can be used very versatile and are not restricted to specific applications in use. For the development of software serve a port of the LLVM compiler and GDB.