XMPlay is a freeware audio player for Windows that sets itself apart from its competitors by a particularly authentic reproduction of tracker audio files, is regarded as the reference.


Developed by Un4seen Developments since 1998 supported software at the beginning only the XM file format of Fast Tracker II, from where the name originates. Meanwhile XMPlay is able to handle more tracker file formats, as well as today's current music formats (MP3, Vorbis, AAC, etc.), as well as more exotic services provided to us by means of on the website plug-ins. The software also offers typical for an audio player features, such as the reception of Internet radio, organizing your music into playlists, or the visualization of sounds generated by real-time animations.


XMPlays Engine for processing audio files is by the developers as a separate program library under the name of BASS or BassMod provided ( only for tracker files) or BASSASIO ( Steinberg's ASIO protocol). These libraries can also be used on non-Windows operating systems, for non- commercial use is also free ( with the exception of BassMod, for never a license must be purchased ). For the Unix audio player X Multimedia System is officially a work based on BassMod plugin available.