XnView is an image management software and image viewer, with which even a simple image processing is possible and images can be converted to other file formats. The program is considered to be mature. It has for years been developed (for example, version 1.05 is from the spring of 1998 ).

Technical details

XnView provides a scripting language that allows, for example, converts images and can be renamed at the same time. Other features include resizing, color space manipulation, various filters and a slide show.

JPEG files can be changed without loss - XnView can rotate JPGs (even after Exif orientation), reflect, and crop ( cropping ) without having to re-encode the image.

The program is free for private use, easy to use and requires very little system resources ( for example, about 5 MB of disk space in the default installation, as of version 1 May 2008). It can read more than 500 graphic formats and write about 70.

The original program XnView is only available for Windows. The sequel is currently in development called XnViewMP ( multi-platform ) is also available for Mac OS X and Linux and has besides a Qt -based unified user interface also supports Unicode. XnViewMP has improved performance, since it now uses more processor cores and is also available as a 64- bit version available.

The program has been repeatedly honored by various websites that offer free software to download with five out of five stars.

Although the program is taken as a picture viewer, it can also read RAW files, process and convert.