Xóc Đĩa

XOC DJIA also XocDia, is a Vietnamese gambling. Under the name of the game in Vietnam xoc DJIA is well known and widespread as to demonstrate press reports about disputes to the game. First indications are found from the period around 1909. The exact age of the game can be, as in the related from the game play shell game, not detected. The game is seen by the Vietnamese police as a problem related to gang violence.

Game History

It is played with four color-coded coin-shaped tokens. The player taps in which the color combination thrown pieces come to rest. It is usually played for money. Depending on the combination of different rates for use are paid. On the front of all the tiles are white or in pale gray. The backs of two tiles are black and the other two pieces are red. The four pieces are in a cup- like vessel ( rice bowl ) with a saucer, therefore not visible to the game players, shaken. Then the shell is removed and the pieces are in a color combination on the saucer. There are 16 purely mathematical ways in which the tokens may rest. However, by two red and two black sides, there is an overlap of some patterns, so there are only 9 different ways with different probabilities: