Chasuu (also Chaset, Greek Ξόις Xois ), today Sacha (Arabic سخا, DMG SAHA ), was the ancient Egyptian name of a town in the sixth Lower Egyptian nome.


The place was located on an island in the Nile Delta between the central and Sebennytischen Phatnischen arm of the Nile. Champollion identified in the present settlement Sacha few kilometers south of Kafr al- Sheikh, the remains of the city.


The city was probably already in the Old Kingdom during the reign of Sneferu's capital under Egyptian nome, which is already mentioned on a list of high-ranking officials Metjen at this time. Later, when the Middle Kingdom went down, and Egypt had been divided, was Chasuu residence and capital of Lower Egypt 14th Dynasty, about which, however, is little known today.

In the Hellenistic period Xois was an important city and the capital of the 6th Egyptian nome. It was also described by Strabo and other Greek geographers. There were still significant remnants of the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, of which are still only receive parts of a chapel and a sphinx whose principal was however lost.