Xokonoschtletl Gómora

Xokonoschtletl Gomorra ( born February 17, 1951 in Mexico) is a Mexican dancer, activist and leader of a Mexican indigenous movement, which feels itself to belong to the Aztecs. His goal is that in the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna preserved pre-Columbian feather crown of Moctezuma (Spanish Penacho ) return to Mexico.

Meaning of the name

The name Xokonoschtletl [ ʃokonost͡ʃt͡ɬet͡ɬ ] is one of the German spelling is nourished composition. The name is explained by his carrier as follows: ( Nahuatl: Xoko = " sour", "bitter", Nosch (from " Noschtli ") = " cactus figs " Tletl = "fire" ) literally means " sour / bitter and fiery cactus fig ". In a figurative sense the name should testify on the basis of the deep roots of the prickly pear: " The one who has very deep roots and feed by and can survive ." The lexical elements are documented in the standardized orthography: xocotl, Jocote ( Spondias myrobalans ), in compositions often: sour, nōchtli, fruit of Opuntia ficus- indica and Tletl, fire. The translation would be after the word formation rules of the Nahuatl more: sour prickly pears fire.

Field of activity

Gomora began as a tour guide and became the Native American activists. He established a broad base of supporters in central Europe and the author of numerous books. He is the founder of the Cultural Association for International Understanding Yankuik Anahuak International and was speaker of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples ( World Council of Indigenous Peoples ).

He feels the people of the Aztecs belong and has made it his life's work to a museum object, which he referred to as the holy crown of feathers of the ninth emperor of the Aztecs, Motekuhzomatzin Xokoyotzin (also known as Montezuma or Moctezuma ) to return to Mexico, which is currently in themselves Museum of Ethnology in Vienna. This crown is his opinion of the highest spiritual and immaterial importance for the Mexican natives. She was the symbol of the return of the spirit of their Lord Montezuma, nature, peace, harmony, duality, wisdom, and spiritual power. From the scientific side is denied that the feather headdress can be traced back to the Aztec rulers.


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