Xonia ( real name Loredana Sachelaru; born June 25, 1989 in Melbourne, Australia) is a Romanian singer, songwriter, actress and dancer who grew up in Australia.


Early life and education

Xonia was born on June 25, 1989 in Melbourne, Australia, her parents in Romania. Your full name is Loredana Sachelaru, but they began promoting (promo ting ) itself as " Xonia " since her youth. In 1997, Xonia showed interest in music and was taken in early 2003 to a record contract with a local label. During her youth she worked with several music producers such as Rob Davis, Doug Brady and Kevin Colbert to record their debut album. At the same time graduated Xonia the Australian Ballet School (Certificate III in Dance) and became known under the supervision of Robert Sturrock, a well-known choreographer and dance teacher. In the earlier 2000s Xonia her musical career pushed aside and focused on action, shortly after they got a number of cameo appearances in high profile television shows such as Noah's Arc, SeaChange, Holly heroes and neighbors. In 2006 Xonia was selected to represent at the international beauty contest "Miss Diaspora " where she had the opportunity to live in front of 20,000 spectators. A few years later she joined the Melbourne Commonwealth Games on opening and closing ceremonies and was selected to dance with a guest star, the football player Nathan Brown of Richmond team. In 2007 Xonia presented with pop singer Georgina Ward her choreography skills for their live shows. Finally, she was featured in several music videos produced by Ian Smith and Laura Gissara as a backup dancer. At the age of 19, Xonia was enrolled in Hollywood at the Pop Academy in California, where she studied dance, theory for a short time

2008: Career breakthrough

In spring 2008 Xonia began a tour of the United States, where they sang for some events for the Romanian diaspora. After all, they spent some time in New York recording music and working on her original material. While she lived in America, Xonia received an invitation to participate as a jury member at the annual Miss Diaspora Contest. She accepted the invitation and appeared on stage at the Festival Callatis in the same year. Shortly after this presentation, she got a reward for their musical efforts she was under contract with Star Management Romania to start their career. Xonias debut single titled " Someone to Love You ", was released in late 2009 and had moderate success. In the same year later, she was chosen to Australia at the international music festival put the Golden Stag, where she performed two songs: " Dirty Dancer " and " Trandafir de la Moldova". During the competition presented, the Universal Romania representatives her a management contract. Finally Xonia presented in the spring of 2010 her new single entitled " Take the Lead ", which has received positive reactions, and created a significant buzz on the internet. In spring 2010 Xonia worked with the Romanian pop band Deepcentral for her new single called " My Beautiful One". Xonia currently working on her debut album with some well-known Romanian music producers including Marius Moga, George Hora, Mihai Ogăşanu and Deepcentral.



  • 2010: Take the Lead
  • 2010: My Beautiful One
  • 2011: Hold On
  • 2012: Remember