Xotox (proper spelling: xotox ) is a music project that was founded in 1998 by Andreas Davids. The music consists superficially of techno beats, catchy melody and short runs and scattered samples.


On 1 June 2003, the contract was concluded with the record label pronoize. The track " Iron Killer" included on the album " lightless " developed in winter 2003/2004 at a club hit. The album itself reached one of the first rhythm 'n' noise albums in the DAC ( German Alternative Charts ).

Released in June 2005 album " [PSI ] " reached the second place in the DAC and maintained this position for three weeks.

On April 16, published in 2006 Xotox his first live album "Documentation 1: Sound".

The published in March 2008 album "In the ten acres " reached # 1 in the DAC.

An exclusive North American release on Vendetta Music ( as an official licensed product of pronoize ) - In May 2008, appeared with " The Best Of Hyperactive ".

In September 2009, appeared with "We are deaf ," a split CD of Xotox and Detune -X as a jewel case version and limited edition boxset with permission of ProNoize on the Italian label Rust Blade.

In March 2010, appeared " The unrest 2.0" as a re-release of the original from 2004 with all the original tracks plus two previously unreleased tracks ( from the same session date as the original Track ), but without the remixes then contained. Everything has been re-mastered and given a completely new artwork.

In May 2012, Xotox celebrates 10 years of " Iron Killer" with a specially -produced EP. This includes not only the original from 2002, but also a 2012er version and remixes, in addition a previously unreleased ( and officially unfinished ) piece from the year 2008. As a special bonus, with the demo versions of " Swan Song " and " self-defense " two exclusive previews of the upcoming album with contain. The EP is limited to 1000 copies, of which 300 pieces also appeared as a special fan edition with a hand- numbered, ( cut by hand ) rusty metal plate with ausgelasertem logo.

In keeping with the 15th anniversary appear in May 2013 with " Swan Song ", the fourth official album on ProNoize in two ( standard jewel case version and a limited double CD in Digipack) formats. The limited edition also includes a bonus CD with various remixes and collaborations of known sizes. " Swan Song " reached number 6 in the DAC and # 12 in the EAC ( European Alternative Charts ).


  • 2003: Industrial smashing a skull (Limited 23 CD -R, with Tscheljabinsk65 )
  • 2003: lightless
  • 2004: The restlessness ( Limited Edition)
  • 2005: [PSI ] ( Limited Edition)
  • 2006: Documentation 1: Tone ( limited to 1000 pcs. )
  • 2008: In the ten acres ( CD and Limited Box-Set, incl Bonus - CD " Early Recordings 1999-2002 ", limited to 1000 pcs. )
  • 2008: Hyperactive - The Best Of (exclusive North American release )
  • 2009: We are deaf (split album with Detune -X, limited to 799 pcs and as a box set limited to 199 pcs. ).
  • 2010: The unrest 2.0
  • 2012: Iron Killer (Limited EP for the 10th anniversary of the club hits "Iron Killer", 300 pieces as " Fan Edition" with band logo made ​​of metal )
  • 2013: Swan Song (CD and Limited Box-Set, incl Remix CD)
  • In addition, in 2001 appeared the album "re < attack ( Xotox is remixed by LoD ) ", which is, however, no official Xotox album.