Xoybûn or Khoybun was a Kurdish independence movement and means to be German in about self. It was founded in Lebanon on October 5, 1927.

The full name is Xoybûn - Ciwata Serxwebuna Kurd, which means organization for Kurdish independence in German. The founding congress, representatives of Kürdistan Teali Cemiyeti (Turkish: boom Association Kurdistan ), the Kürt Millet Firkasi (Turkish: Kurdish People's Party), the Comité de l' indépendance kurd, representatives of the Kurdish League and others. The Congress lasted 45 days and declared the independence of Kurdistan as a target.

Agencies were established in Syria, Lebanon, Europe and the United States. The Central Committee was appointed to the national government of Kurdistan. The chair of the brothers Xoybûn Celadet Ali Bedirxan and Kamuran Bedirxan had stopped. General Ihsan Nuri Pasha was, who played a very large role in the Ararat rebellion. After quelling this uprising Xoybûn lost its importance and broke up in 1946.