Xpaint (alternatively written Xpaint ) is a free raster graphics Bildbearbeitungssprogramm for X Windows systems on Unix-like operating systems. The reduction to the essentials and easy accessibility are the software in focus.


Xpaint has a very low memory footprint and can be compiled on most Unix-like systems.

It offers all the essential drawing and painting tools and a text editor. Xpaint supports most common raster image formats, also some vector graphic and other file formats can be edit, such as TeX, LaTeX and PDF.

Xpaint has a multi-document interface with multiple windows to functions together thematically.

In addition to basic operations ( such as cropping, rotating ) offer the newer versions also support for advanced image manipulation, such as, among others, size conversions, filters, geometric distortion, color correction, scripting, setting the layers and alpha channel transparency.

The scripting function of xpaint also enables, for example, an automated batch processing, the creation of images and programmable filter. A command return function (English " undo" ) allowed the withdrawal of the 20 most recent calls dialed commands.

The software is distributed as free software in the source code under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL version 3 ).


The file format support depends on each separate (partly optional ) libraries. The software is written in C, the user interface is based on Widget Toolkit from the family of Xaw toolkit. The scripting works by compiling C scripts that must be matched to the internal programming interface.


Xpaint was originally written by David Koblas around 1993 and later extended from 1996 to 1999 ( version 2.2.x to 2.5.7 ) by Torsten Martinsen on the basis of David's last version 2.1.1. Since about 2000 it is maintained and developed by Jean -Pierre Demailly.