XpanD 3D

XpanD 3D is the brand name for a 3D digital representation method for digital cinema, home theater, video games and other applications. XpanD is the global market leader for shutter glasses.


Stereoscopy is based on the principle that each eye is shown a slightly different image. Xpand used for a shutter system in which the images are shown for each eye in rapid succession one after another. Spectators wear electronic glasses, change the LCD lenses between transparent and opaque to allowing only see the carrier the right image for the right eye at the right time. An infrared signal is sent to the auditorium, ensures the synchronization of the glasses. Since 2012, the new glasses of the type " X103 Infinity" are available: They are a little lighter, have a slightly larger field of view and a changed geometry. The slightly auszuwechselnde standard battery will now hold at least 350 hours according to the manufacturer.


Unlike systems with polarized light (like RealD ) requires XpanD no silver screen. There is also in the color quality of the image, in contrast to other methods without loss of quality with respect to two-dimensional projection. In head inclinations of the audience also disadvantages for the 3D effect occur that exist with linear polarization.


XpanD glasses are significantly more expensive than polarizing filter glasses. Therefore, they are usually given by the cinema cleaned after use and reused. The cinemas have to factor in a certain loss due to theft or damage to the operating costs. The glasses are also a bit heavier than other systems. In addition, each LCD glass connected mathematically dark during half the movie and darkens the image even when viewing from light, making the visible image is noticeably darker and less defined. The glasses contain batteries for the integrated electronics, is signaled by flashing of the fields of view that the battery must be replaced.