The TFIIH - XPB helicase is the enzyme in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells, which as part of the transcription factor IIH ( TFIIH ) the opening of the DNA duplex catalyzed after the pre-initiation complex was assembled. This reaction step is part of the initiation of transcription of all eukaryotic genes. In addition, XPB plays a similar role in DNA repair. Mutations in the human ERCC3 gene coding for XPB, can contribute rare genetic disorder xeroderma pigmentosum type B lead, in which the risk of skin cancer is increased 2000-fold, or Tay syndrome, a rare ichthyosis.

The opening of the double strand consumes one molecule of ATP and spans the bases from -10 to 2 relative to the Genanfangs. She is supported by untwisting of the DNA ( referred to as negative supercoiling ) using TFIIE. At the DNA repair also takes part in the XPD helicase. Open the DNA is referred to in both cases as a DNA bubble.

An orthologous to XPB protein was found in archaea. The XPB has found as the eukaryotic in vitro, no helicase activity. The protein is a function assumed for the DNA repair.

XPB and XPD after make a part of the defense of the cell against retroviral infection, a laboratory study. A Chinese study found that a combination of certain XPB and XPD - variants increased the risk of lung cancer.

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