XQD card

XQD is a memory card standard, which is used, inter alia, for digital photography, and communicates via a PCI Express interface.

When XQD -1.0 standard has a transfer rate of 2.5 giga transfers per second is initially provided later to PCI Express 2.0 come with 5 GT / s used. The dimensions are 38.5 mm × 29.8 mm with 3.8 mm thickness. XQD thus has a slightly smaller area than a CF card and is thinner than a Compact Flash Type II card, but thicker than a CompactFlash Type I card.

First camera with XQD card is the Nikon D4; it was introduced in Jan, 2012. The Sony FDR AX1 is the first camcorder employs the XQD card as storage medium exclusively; He was born on September 5 Presented in 2013. The high write rate a XQD card allows this camcorder videos with a resolution of 4K UHD include; corresponding to four times the resolution of HDTV.