Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Terry Chambers and Barry Andrews ( left to right)

XTC was a New Wave band from Swindon, United Kingdom.

Band History

After a long history as The Helium Kidz XTC is found in 1976 in Swindon in the occupation of Andy Partridge (guitar, vocals), Colin Moulding ( bass, vocals ), Barry Andrews (keyboards) and Terry Chambers ( drums). Although not directly a punk band, they fit with their " hyperdynamic " occurrence in time and was able to achieve success with their first albums ( White Music and Go2 ).

Barry Andrews left the group in 1979 after the first two plates due to musical differences and founded Shriekback. He was replaced by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Dave Gregory, what musical style led to a significant change in the direction of psychedelic guitar pop. In the same year the band with the written by Colin Moulding Making Plans for Nigel single one of their greatest successes achieved. Numerous tours and collaboration with producer Steve Lillywhite on the albums Drums & Wires and Black Sea established the band internationally. After the hit single Senses Working Overtime from the album English Settlement came in early 1982 to the physical breakdown of the front man Partridge. Then XTC were no more concerts, drummer Terry Chambers was eliminated. The band performed for the last time on April 4, 1982 in "Hollywood Palladium".

In the following years the band with alternating drummers existed only in the studio and took with her increasingly psychedelic sound on Mummer and The Big Express fewer listeners. The crisis was exacerbated by disputes with her former manager. In contrast, she found with her ​​alter ego The Dukes of Stratosphear enthusiasm in the burgeoning '60s revival. 1986 worked XTC on the album Skylarking, along with producer Todd Rundgren. Although the recording sessions designed quite difficult with the two strong characters Partridge and Rundgren; However, the album is also regarded by the band as a highlight of her career. Skylarking spawned the U.S. college radio hit Dear God. Originally only B- side to the single Grass, critical of religion song to XTCs biggest and most controversial hit. In the U.S., XTC was then a new, young audience, resulting in anticipation of the wave Unplugged 1989 an acoustic tour of U.S. radio stations.

As with the following albums Oranges & Lemons and Nonsuch failed to success in the English home and the musicians were rarely paid for their success plates, there were tensions with their record company, which led to a strike of the band and a publishing break from 1994 to 1999. Songs that had accumulated during this period were recorded after the dissolution of the contract. Due to musical and personal differences Dave Gregory left the band and XTC was henceforth a duo. Partridge and Moulding founded their own record label " Idea Records" and released the CDs Apple Venus and Wasp Star. In addition, Partridge brought solo releases out in collaboration with Harold Budd and Peter Blegvad and produced, among others, Martin Newell. Meanwhile, published their former record company Virgin Records 2001, the previous CDs in remastered versions, and in the following year, the 4- CD box set Coat of Many Cupboards with numerous previously unreleased recordings. A DVD release of XTC video failed so far to the Tantiemenstreit between musicians and record company.

In 2003, Andy Partridge his own record label Ape, first to (too German " slurred Tralala " ) to publish under the name of Fuzzy Warbles under XTC fans have long been circulating on demo recordings from his private studio officially and in a reasonable sound quality. Partridge finally took other artists at " Ape " under contract, the English Milk & Honey band and the Canadian artist Veda Hille.

Published in late 2005 XTC two new pieces after a long pause: Partridges spiral, strongly oriented to She Said She Said The Beatles, and Mouldings nostalgic music-hall love song Say It

In the fall of 2006 Partridge graduated from the fuzzy Warbles series, then in 2007 came the double album Monstrance with improvised music that Partridge had recorded with former XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews and drummer Martyn Baker. Around the same time he announced that Colin Moulding no longer wanted to work as a musician and XTC had thus resolved effectively. Early 2009 were Moulding known that the band members would complete yet unreleased studio recordings for extended several revisions XTC albums.


  • White Music (1978 ) # 38 in England
  • # 21 in England
  • # 34 in England
  • # 16 in England
  • # 5 in England
  • # 38 in England
  • # 28 in England
  • # 28 in England
  • # 40 in England

Publications as THE DUKES OF Stratosphear

  • 25 O'Clock (1985 )
  • Psonic Psunspot (1987)
  • Chips from the Chocolate Fireball ( An Anthology ) ( 1987)

Solo releases by Andy Partridge

  • Take Away / The Lure Of Salvage (as Mr. Partridge ) ( 1980)
  • Through The Hill (along with Harold Budd ) ( 1994)
  • Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 1 ( 2003)
  • Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 2 ( 2003)
  • Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 3 (2003)
  • Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 4 (2003)
  • Orpheus - The Lowdown ( with Peter Blegvad ) (2004 )
  • Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 5 (2004)
  • Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 6 (2004)
  • Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 7 (2006)
  • Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Vol 8 (2006)
  • Fuzzy Warbles (The Demo Archives) Collector's Album ( 2007)
  • Monstrance (2007)