Xterra (Triathlon)

The Xterra is a cross- Triathlon endurance event.

  • 2.2.1 Xterra Czech Championship Xterra England
  • Xterra German tour ranking
  • Xterra Championship Austria
  • Xterra Championship Denmark
  • Xterra Portugal Championship
  • Spain Xterra Championship
  • Xterra UK Championship
  • Xterra Netherlands Championship
  • 2.3.1 Xterra South East Coast Championships
  • 2.3.2 Xterra South Central Championships
  • 2.3.3 Xterra West Coast Championships
  • 2.3.4 Xterra Pacific Championships
  • 2.3.5 Xterra USA National Championships
  • 2.15.1 Argentinia Xterra Championship
  • 2.15.2 Xterra Australian Championship
  • 2.15.3 Xterra Costa Rica Championship
  • 2.15.4 Xterra Malaysia Championship


In the first year of competition was in 1996 the name "Aqua Terra " and then " Xterra " was introduced: The "X" stands for " unknown " and " terra " from the Latin for " land" - so therefore as " unknown country ". The name was protected, and with the launch of the Nissan Xterra a sponsorship contract was signed with the car manufacturers.

In 2000, the racing series was expanded with races in Canada, England and Japan outside the U.S. and 2001 consisted of the race series 19 and 2003 already 50 races. The global Xterra competitions are the distances



World cup

The Xterra Triathlon Cross World Championships are held since 1996.

The Xterra World Championship took place last October 27, 2013 at Maui ( Hawaii).


Hawaiian Airlines Double

Since 1998, is awarded with the " Hawaiian Airlines Double" ( donated by the same airline ) in the combined score of Ironman Hawaii and Xterra World Championship, a special prize: Here are the finisher times of the two competitions, which often take place only a few days in a row, added. In 2011, no professional athletes participate in the Hawaiian Airlines Double.

Xterra European Tour

In Europe there are currently five races where qualifying for a place at the World Cup is possible. As part of the Xterra Germany the European Championship was held on August 20, 2011.

Xterra Czech Championship

The race was held in 2010 and 2011 in Spindleruv Mlyn in the Giant Mountains in Czech Republic. Previously, they found each year in Hluboká instead. 2012 was found with Prachatice a new venue.

Xterra England

2013 this race was recorded in Cranleigh in the Xterra race series.

France Xterra Championship


Germany Xterra Championship

As part of the Xterra is Germany (since 2003? ) Held the German Championship in Cross - Triathlon annually. The races were held until 2006, and since then at Titisee in Olbersdorf ( in Zittau ). The last race (O -Lake Challenge ) was held from 19 to 21 August 2011 at the Zittau Mountains and it was here at the same time Xterra Championship awarded.

(EM = European Championship)

Xterra German tour ranking

2010 started the Xterra German tour, then with 4 races in its first season. Since 2011, now includes seven races in Germany to do so. Opening has always been in April at the Cross duathlon in Schleiden. The highlight of the season is and will be in August, the Xterra Germany. The final will be held at the Cross duathlon in Hamburg in September.

Italy Xterra Championship

2007, 2008 and 2010, the last Xterra European championships were held here in Orosei, Sardinia, discharged. Since 2013, the race will take place no longer in Sardinia, but as Xterra Abruzzo in Abruzzi on Lake Scanno.

Switzerland Xterra Championship

From 2010 to 2012, the race took place in Prangins. Since 2013 it has been found with Charbonnières a new venue. Due to the very cold weather, the race was held in 2013 only as a duathlon.


European Tour rating

Former venues

Austria Xterra Championship

The Xterra races were held from 2005 to 2009 on St.Kanzian. 2012 in international market of Crossman instead.

Denmark Xterra Championship

In Arhus

Portugal Xterra Championship

The race was staged in Figueira da Foz on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean 2010.

Spain Xterra Championship

In Bakio

Xterra UK Championship

In Neath Valley, Wales

Netherlands Xterra Championship

The races were held within the annual Beach Challenge in The Hague.

Xterra USA

Xterra South East Coast Championships

In Pelham (Alabama )

Xterra South Central Championships

Waco ( Texas)

Xterra West Coast Championships

Xterra Pacific Championships

This race was first held in 2011 in Santa Cruz ( California).

Xterra USA National Championships

In Ogden, Utah

Xterra Brazil

Xterra Canada championships

Xterra Guam Championships

Since 2012 Xterra will be held on Guam, the largest and southernmost island in the Marianas archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean.

Xterra Japan Championship

In Marunuma

Xterra Mexico Championships

Valle De Bravo

Xterra New Zealand Championships

In Rotorua

Xterra Pacific Championships

This race was first held in 2011 in Santa Cruz ( California).

Xterra Philippines

The race in Liloan ( Cebu ) was first staged in 2011.

Xterra Saipan Championships

Northern Marianas

Xterra South Africa

Venezuela Xterra Championships

Villa Caribe

Former venues

Argentinia Xterra Championship

So far the only Xterra race was held in La Calera on Lake San Roque 2007.

Xterra Australian Championship

So far the only Xterra race was held in Daylesford in Victoria in 2008.

Costa Rica Xterra Championship

Xterra Malaysia Championship

In Kuantan at Teluk Cempedak Beach