XTree is a " tree " - oriented file manager for DOS. The first version was presented to the public on 1 April 1985 at the San Francisco "West Coast Computer Faire " ( programmed since 1983). In November 1985, the computer magazine PC Magazine awarded the prize " Editor's Choice Award " at Xtree. 1987 version XtreePro and 1990 XtreeProGold was published. Both are further developments.

1993 bought the company in Central Point Executive Systems Inc. ( ESI) and therefore also the software XTree. The program should be part of PC Tools for Windows 3.0. The sale of the company to Symantec only appeared a single version. Version 4.0 for Windows could be operated in the normal file manager and in XTree mode.

Unique features, such as the recognition of the file format in the viewer even when using a wrong file extension and the optional handle archives as directory are only occasionally found even today in file managers.

PC Tools for Windows 3.0 File Manager / XTree for Windows 4.0 has its own SFX data compression format. There are the products marketed as Shareware reengineering Xfile and ZTreeWin. Under Linux, there is a XTree reaction with names ytree.