Xu Chu

Xǔ Zhǔ or Xu Chu (许褚) (* in Qiao; present-day Bozhou in Anhui ) was the personal bodyguard of Cao Cao, the founder of the Wei Dynasty.

He was born in Qiao and reached according to the Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms, a body size of about 8 chi (approx. 2.40 m ) and a girth of 10 white (132 cm). During the Eastern Han dynasty he built with thousands of his clan a fortress to fight the Yellow Turban Rebellion, to a vast number of rebels from Runan they attack, said to have Xu Zhu driven back with enormous stones. Another legend tells that he offered the rebels following trade than in the fortress, the food became scarce: He traded oxen for food, which ran back after the exchange, and one of them dragged Xu Zhu 's tail behind him.

197 resulted Xu Zhu Cao Cao, who in strength due to the captain of the guard, known as the Tiger guards who made ​​him. At the Battle of Guandu (200 ), he turned the stop of Xu Ta Cao Cao. After the capture of Ye (203 ), he appointed him Marquis of Guannei (关内侯). 211, during the campaign against Ma Chao and Han Sui, Cao Cao fell into an ambush, but Xu Zhu was again able to save him.

After Cao Cao's death (220 ) Xu Zhu was sick with grief. Cao Pi appointed him General of Wuwei, Cao Rui to the Marquis of Mouxiang. After his death, Xu Zhu was awarded posthumously the title of Marquis Zhuang.

  • Chinese
  • Bodyguard
  • The Three Kingdoms period
  • Born in the 2nd century
  • Died in the 3rd century
  • Man