Xu Huang

Huǎng Xu (Chinese徐晃, W.-G. Hsu Huang, style name ( Zi) Gongming (Chinese公 明), * 169, † 227 ) was a Chinese general of the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period.

He began his military career as a courier in the Hedong. Later he followed the general Yang Feng against the Yellow Turbans. He helped him and the General Dong Cheng to escort the Emperor Xian from Chang'an to Luoyang and was promoted for his services to the cavalry commander. Should be placed as Emperor Xian Cao Cao to Xuchang, Yang Feng and Han Xuan presented against him. An arranged by Cao Cao duel between his bodyguard Xu Chu and Xu Huang did not yield any decision, which is why Cao Cao Xu Huang's old friend Man Chong used to gain Xu Huang for themselves. After long deliberation, Xu Huang gave in and left Yang Feng.

When Cao Cao Xu Huang was elevated to the rank of general and became friends with Zhang Liao and Guan Yu. At the Battle of Tong Gate, he defended it with Cao Hong against Ma Chao, before he was able to save Cao Hong.

After the Battle of Tong Gate Xu Huang chased the deserted Guan Yu and his son Guan Ping. Despite Guan Yu's appeal to their former friendship Xu Huang did not give up this task, for which he was honored by his Lord Cao Cao high.

Under Cao Pi Xu Huang was appointed " General rights " and the Lord of Luxiang. After the defeat of Liu Bei, he was also Lord of Yangping. 227 he participated in Sima Yi's campaign against Shu Han and Da was mortally wounded by the General Meng. He died days later on the way to the capital.

  • The Three Kingdoms period
  • Chinese
  • Born 169
  • Died 227
  • Man