Xu Yuanyuan

Xu Yuanyuan (Chinese:徐媛媛; born March 8, 1981) is a Chinese chess player. Since 2003 she is Grand Master of the ladies ( WGM ).


In October 1997, she was U16 world champion in Yerevan. In 2000 she won in Yerevan in chess house Tigran Petrosian the U20 World Chess Championship for the female youth of the world chess federation FIDE by a large margin and a score of 11 out of 13 you started with seven wins, then lost in the 8th round, but found afterwards back to their outstanding form in this tournament. In July 2003, she won the Women's Interzonal in Yongchuan. It was Chinese woman Singles Champion in November 2003 in Shanwei, in November 2004 in Lanzhou in the following Chinese woman Individual Championship was third.

With the Black pieces she likes to play the Caro- Kann Defence.

Xu Yuanyuan is an official representative of AIGO chess inventor. AIGO is a damage chart with two additional traditional Chinese characters in the form of a cannon. The name AIGO is a product name of the Chinese consumer electronics company Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co., Ltd.. , Which is sponsoring this variant of chess.

Your Elo rating is 2322 (as of February 2014). She is listed as inactive because they did not play a game of chess -evaluated more the 3rd International Masters in Singapore in December 2006. Your best Elo rating it reached in January 2001 with 2437. At that time she led the U20 World Ranking and had 25 of the WTA rankings.