Xu Yuhua

Xu Yuhua (Chinese许昱华/许昱华, Pinyin Xǔ Yuhua, born October 29, 1976 in Jinhua ) is a Chinese chess player. She wears since 2000 the title of Grand Master of the women and was the eleventh World Chess Champion. In 2007 her the Grandmaster title of the men was awarded by the President of FIDE.

In the Chess Olympiads in 2000 in Istanbul, in 2002 and 2004 in Bled in Calvià, she won the gold medal with the Chinese team.

In 2000 she won the World Cup of women in Shenyang and defended that title in 2002 in Hyderabad. In the strong North Urals Cup in Krasnoturjinsk in July 2005, she finished in second place behind K. Humpy. In October 2009, she won the Grand Prix tournament in Nanjing (Category 8) with 8 points from 11 games.

Since 2000, she took part in the World Chess Championships. In New Delhi, 2000, she reached the third round in Moscow in 2001 and the semifinals in Elista the quarter-finals in 2004. At the World Cup tournament in Ekaterinburg in March 2006 she switched from several top Russian players and won the final against Alissa Galljamowa with 2,5:0,5.