Xuxa [' ʃuʃa ] ( born March 27, 1963 in Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; actually Maria da Graça Meneghel [ ma'ɾiɐ da'gɾasɐ me'nɛgɛw ] ) is a Brazilian television presenter, actress and singer.

Xuxa received a modeling contract at the age of 16 years. Since 1982, she has performed in various Brazilian film productions and television shows. The English-language version of the show hosted by her children's show Xuxa was broadcast from 1993 to 1994, but flopped in the U.S.. Previously, it was revealed that, inter alia, nude photos of Xuxa appeared in Playboy.

In 1988 the album Xou Da Xuxa 3, which was also intended for her childish audience and their biggest hit, Ilarie contained.

In 1989 she founded the Xuxa Meneghel Foundation to help street children. She was also involved in a campaign for polio vaccination.

Xuxa was the first Brazilian entry on the Forbes list of richest artists. In 1991 they reached the 37th place with 19 million U.S. dollars.

She had relationships with the soccer star Pele and the now deceased racing driver Ayrton Senna.

2005 at the same time made ​​three formations Xuxas biggest hit Ilarie in Germany for summer hit: Las Chicas, Hot Banditoz and buttons.

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