Xynisteri (Greek: ξυνιστέρι ) is a white grape variety which is known in the wine in Greece. Grown she is on the island of Cyprus. There she is with the above in Cyprus Mavro variety Kypreiko (Greek: μαύρο = black) part of the famous dessert wine Commandaria. The main growing area is located on the southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains. The proportion of the variety Xynisteri on the area under vines of the island is nearly 16 percent

Ampelographic varietal characteristics

In the ampelography the habit is described as follows:

  • The shoot tip is open. She is hairy and light green only spinnwebig. The brilliant young leaves are hairless.
  • The roundish leaves ( see also the article sheet form) are five-lobed (rarely seven or even neunlappig ) and medium deep sinuate. The petiole lyres -shaped open or closed. The leaf margin serrate pointed. Compared to other varieties, the teeth are closely set. The leaf surface (also called lamina ) is vesicular coarse.
  • The cone to cone-shaped bunch is medium, and loose- shouldered. The slightly elliptical berries are medium in size and of a golden yellow color.

The grape ripens Xynisteri approximately 30 days after Chasselas, making it valid for a vine as late maturing.


The grape Xynisteri is also known by the name of Aspro, Aspro Kyprou, Cipro bianco, blanc Hebron and Local White.