Y Combinator (company)

Y Combinator is an association founded in March 2005 US-based business incubator based in Mountain View, California.

The company was founded by Paul Graham, Robert Tappan Morris, Trevor Blackwell, and Jessica Livingston. Y Combinator startups supplied in the start-up phase for a period of three years with money, advice and contacts and calls for 6% of the company shares. By 2013, Y Combinator has helped 500 companies in over 30 different Martktsegmenten at the establishment, including Coinbase, Scribd, reddit, Airbnb, Justin.tv, 280 North, Heroku, OMGPOP, Loopt, Cloud Kick, Zecter, Wufoo, Dropbox, Disqus and Webmin. The total value of Y Combinator funded by companies is estimated at 7.8 billion U.S. dollars, representing an average of 45.2 million U.S. dollars per company.