Y1 (railcar)

The series Y1 and YF1 are diesel railcar of the former Swedish State Railways Statens Järnvägar (SJ ). This is a further development of the Italian ALn 668

Railcars of this type are now in Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Kosovo and Croatia in use.


In the late 1970s, the SJ -needed new diesel railcars for their side- lines. The choice fell on the products manufactured by the Fiat Ferroviaria ALn 668, but which were adapted to the Swedish needs. The first of a total of 100 cars were still made in Italy, more then in Kalmar, Sweden. They were designated Y1. The railcars were fitted with engines of FIAT, in the 1990s they were then partially converted to Volvo DH10 - buses.

Some vehicles of this series were later fitted with a luggage compartment, and had only 46 seats on, these were designated YF1. A total of 12 vehicles ( of a total of 100 vehicles) were delivered directly YF1, also 6 Y1 were converted to YF1.

From the 1990s onwards, the passenger traffic in the classical field of application of this railcar was eg reduced to the Inland Railway. The newly founded Inlandsbanan AB took over a number of railcars. Currently (2013 ) there are 11 cars there and come mainly in the summer schedule used.

On the other rail lines, such as the railway line Gårdsjö - Håkantorp and the railway line Kil - Torsby, now more modern material was used so that the SJ 1996 twenty of the railcar to Croatia - there called HZ 7721 - and some more to Serbia - there as ŽS designated 710 - gave. In the railway transport in Kosovo these railcars are also used.

Some vehicles have been sold second-hand to Norway. The NSB put on their Bratsbergbanen ( Nordagutu - Skien ) is a three of these railcars. They are painted red according to NSB standard. However, your name does not follow the usual naming scheme of NSB, because they continue to be referred to as Y1.


1326 at Värmlandstrafik

1350 in Skien in Norges Statsbaner

1281 in Kosovo