Ya'akov Geri

Jacob Meir Geri (Hebrew יעקב ( מאיר ) גרי, actually Jack Low Hebrew ג'ק גרינג; born September 18, 1901 in Seda, † December 18, 1974 in Israel) was an Israeli politician, lawyer and businessman,. Although he had never been elected to the Knesset, was Geri Minister of Trade and economy in the second government of David Ben- Gurion 1950-1951. His appointment to this position was seen in public as a concession to the General Zionists, the United religious front was against his nomination.

Geri studied Law and Humanities at the University of Witwatersrand. After working several years in South Africa as a lawyer, he traveled to Europe in 1932, before he immigrated to Israel in 1934. Prior to serving as minister was Geri director of African- Palestine Investment Company. His brother Bernard Gering was CEO of the South African Zionist Federation. After retiring from the Government Jacob Geri led a coalition of South African companies in Israel.