Yaacov Lozowick

Yaacov Lozowick ( * 1957 in Bad Kreuznach ) is an Israeli historian.


At the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1982, he completed a Bachelor's degree in history and Jewish philosophy, in 1984 he received a diploma in education and graduated in 1989 with the master in the field of contemporary Judaism. In 1995 he received his doctorate from the Hebrew University in Saul Friedlander. His acclaimed doctoral thesis was published in Germany in 2000 Pendo Verlag under the title " Hitler's bureaucrats. Eichmann, his willing executioners and the banality of evil."


From 1990, he taught history at the Paul Himmelfarb High School in Jerusalem. From 1986 to 1989 he taught modern Jewish history at the local WUJS Academy. After he participated in a research project of Yad Vashem since 1982, he was from 1989 to 1993 director of seminars for foreign educators to the " International School for Holocaust Studies", Yad Vashem. In 1991 he initiated the first German-language seminars for teachers and educators, so he accepted a proposal of the Austrian political scientist Andreas Maislinger.

From 1993 to 2007 he was director of the archives at Yad Vashem.


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