Yaadein (1964 film)

Yaadein (Hindi: यादें, Urdu: یادیں, translated: Memories ) is a Bollywood film released in 1964, Sunil Dutt as the only protagonist.


Anil is a cavalier and young married man who likes rejects any responsibility. His wife Priya, however, seems to be a virtuous role model and takes her husband's idiotic behavior in first purchase. Nevertheless, they are a happily married couple to Anil begins to withdraw from the marriage.

There is a dispute and when it is too much for Priya, she leaves the house with the children. As Anil comes home and he locates an empty apartment, he suspects nothing bad. But after running around the house, he discovered the suicide note of Priya. It is written that she is leaving him forever.

Anil's initial reaction is anger, which merges gradually into the helplessness. Only now he rediscovered his love for Priya. With the small objects in the house old memories come up in Anil, and he goes mentally on a journey of self discovery: He remembers their first meeting, the subsequent meeting, her wedding, her first baby with the subsequent celebration, the daily rancor in married life and last to be wandering in the marriage.

His desperation is enough already so far that Anil loathes himself and pulls a contemplating suicide. When he wants to hang, Priya comes at the last moment and holds it in time for his plan from. Finally, the family is reunited.


Sunil Dutt Yaadein is directorial debut and a one-person film. The actress Nargis - Dutt's wife - is seen only in the last scene with Priya's return as a silhouette.


  • Filmfare Award / Best Cinematography S. Ramachandra (1966 )
  • Filmfare Award / Best Sound for Essa M. Suratwala (1966 )