The Jad (Hebrew: יד "hand" ) is a pointer to the interpretation of the text lines in the Torah.

Description and function

The, also known as Torafinger or Torazeiger Jad usually consists of a silver rod, a small hand is at the front end with a pointing finger. He should especially avoid the sometimes centuries old, from a Sofer handwritten scrolls with their hands touched, dirty or damaged, as the Torah scroll is considered sacred. Secondly, the Torazeiger also serves as an aid to reading aloud in church service, as the text of the Torah without Teamim, but with ornaments, so-called Tagin ( " crown " ) is written down. " Tagin " are three fine lines in the upper left corner from seven of the 22 Hebrew letters. They emphasize the mystical text meaning insofar as each additional line and any additional characters are together with the letters and words of the Torah as insightful symbols of the extraordinary secrets of the universe and creation. The Jad is stored together with the Torah in the ark.

While in the service, a reader, or rabbi continues with the Torazeiger along the rows and the text chanting arguing ( Lejnen ), checks a Beisteher which has the text in dotted version prior to the presentation of the imam to its accuracy and correct it if necessary. Old single pieces that are targeted for collectors of Judaica.