Yahtzee Yahtzee or, sometimes Yatzy is a dice game that is offered by Schmidt games and Hasbro. However, since only a dice cup with five dice and writing materials are needed for the game, it is often played without the pre-printed block. Only minimally modified it came, among others, Peri games, under the name yam or yam in the market. The game is similar to the dice poker, but is much younger and is played with traditional dice.


Yahtzee 1956 ES Lowe was placed on the market; 1973 Milton Bradley bought the E.S. Lowe Company. Until then already 40 million Yahtzee games were sold worldwide. Since 1984 Hasbro Milton Bradley took over again, Yahtzee is now offered by Hasbro. According to Hasbro 50 million Yahtzee games are currently being sold. Yahtzee is marketed from Schmidt games since 1972.

Game rules

Each player has a small piece of paper on which he must enter his results. The winner is who can get the highest total on his list at the end.

The game is played with five dice. It is round in a circle. In each round you can dice up to three times in a row. It should be " appropriate" cubes and set aside with the remaining dice on. Latest after the third litter you have to decide for a free space on the list - or a field emphasize - which is now with the result of this litter.

On the note following entries are counted:

Upper block ( "inside" or collecting ):

When you received when collecting in the sum of at least 63 points ( for example, for each field three dice ), there is a bonus of 35 points ( jargon: one " comes out", " it is within the standard ").

Lower block ( "outside" ):

If one enters a result in a field in which the condition is not met (for example, if the three of a kind field is not three dice are the same), then the field is deleted or the score " 0" is entered.

Is the game list is full, the game ends and the points from the collection and the other games and possibly the bonus will be added together. The winner is the player with the most points.

Game List

Example of two games:


In addition to the official rules, the game offers numerous ways to make the game by modified rules varied. Examples:

  • Additional user-defined fields (for example, two doubles, two times two doubles )
  • Doubling of throws in a litter
  • Default order of filling (eg from top to bottom or vice versa)
  • Not 3 litters per person, but with each throw out at least put a cube - this must then be used for the overall result
  • Filling a column only in the 1st or 2nd litter
  • Combinations of different rules with simultaneous interplay of several columns or the whole leaf
  • After the first litter you have to decide on a variant, for example, Yahtzee or Full House, etc.


  • Sachsenkniffel another dice game called, but that is only by name ajar to the Yahtzee and content not related to him.


If the five dice once thrown, apply - analogous to the dice poker - following probabilities for occurring combinations (which, however, not all are valid in the game):