Yahya ibn Ali ibn Hammud al-Mu'tali

Yahya al - Mutali (Arabic المعتلي, يحيى بن علي, al -Mu ʿ DMG Tali, Yahya b ʿ Alī; . † 1035 ) was during two phases of the Civil War, Caliph of Córdoba ( 1021-1023 and 1025-1026 ).

Yahya was the son of the first caliph of Hammudiden dynasty, Ali ibn al - Nasir Hammud, and had the governorship held in Ceuta. As his father al -Qasim al - Mamun 's brother ascended the throne of Caliph, Yahya began with the conspiracy against his uncle, he allied himself with the Berber troops. Although he succeeded in 1021 the fall of al -Qasim, but he could not maintain long in Cordoba as caliph, because the slave troops on al -Qasim remained loyal. He retired in 1023 to Malaga, where he was able to prevail after the capture of his uncle al -Qasim as the leader of Hammudiden (see: Caliphate of Córdoba).

In the following years he consolidated the rule of Hammudiden in the area around Malaga. When in 1025 the Caliph Muhammad III. was overthrown, it was Yahya again to the Caliph office. However, he gave up the ascent of the caliph 's throne and let Córdoba only occupy his Berber troops. Yahya ruled until his death in 1035 in Malaga. After the expulsion of its troops from Córdoba there was Hisham III. the Last Caliph.