Yakitate!! Japan

Yakitate! Japan (Japanese焼き たて!ジャぱん) is a manga series of the artist Takashi Hashiguchi, which was implemented as anime.

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Kazuma Azuma discovered as a small child the love for baking bread. His dream is to Japan (read: dschapan ) to bake a bread that is supposed to represent Japan in the world. For Germany, the rye bread, the baguette France, the United Kingdom the toast, but Japan still has no such bread.

In order to get closer to his dream of a piece, Kazuma tries to get a job in the main store of the large baking chain Pantasia. For this, he must first pass an entrance exam. This one is fast on his "Solar Hands ", which, through increased circulation, have a higher body temperature and thus are conducive for the bread kneading. So Kyousuke Kawachi tries to abuse Kazuma for his own purposes, and Tsukino Azusagawa would love to have him in their own Pantasia store in the south of Tokyo.

Word Games

The Bread Name Japan (ジャぱん) is a pun, because pan (パン, but written with katakana instead of hiragana ) is the Japanese word for " bread ". In the series continually come before such ambiguities which usually arise because Kazuma understands a word wrong. So he interpreted for example croissant (クロワッサンkurowassan ) as Kurowa -san ( Mr. Kurowa ).



Yakitate! Japan was released in Japan from 2001 to 2007 in separate chapters in the manga magazine Shōnen Sunday of Shogakukan Publishing. These individual chapters were published in 26 anthologies.

In German published Egmont Manga and Anime Manga in the now-defunct magazine Manga Twister and then eight anthologies translation by Vera Gutersohn. The publication was discontinued thereafter.


Sunrise studio produced the manga an anime series that aired from 12 October 2004 until 14 March 2006 at the Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo. It is completed with 69 episodes.


In supporting roles are, inter alia, Nana Mizuki, Hikaru Midorikawa, Katsuyuki Konishi and Rie Kugimiya heard.


Yakitate! Japan has been awarded the 2004 49th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōnen category.