Yakuake (Yet Another kuake ) is a KDE terminal emulator. The inspiration for the design of consoles in computer games such as Quake, the scrolled when printing a key on the top of the screen down and the repeated keystroke by scrolling up disappeared served.

If the Yakuake console disappears, the program continues running in the background. A renewed Show can be significantly faster than a start of a new terminal done for this reason. Next a Yakuake session on all desktops can be by pressing a key and hidden and managed. This means that the console is suitable for both short fast execution commands for interactive use as well as for the start of long-running command line tasks, the issue rarely needs a look. This comfort over traditional window - bound terminal emulators such as console (KDE) or xterm and the unusual design brought Yakuake the beginning of 2008 under the 3 most popular KDE applications on kde- apps.org.