Yanagawa, Fukuoka

Yanagawa (Japanese柳川 市, -shi) is a city in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan.


Yanagawa is located south of Fukuoka and Kurume, and north of Kumamoto.


Yanagawa is an old castle town in which the Tachibana ruled with an income of 110,000 koku during the Edo period. Located in the triangle between the Chikugo River and the Yatabe River and crossed by many canals, the city is still a " little Venice " in which many " Gondoliers " are ready to welcome guests to staaken through the city. The place was on 1 April 1952 city status ( shi).


  • Roads: National roads 208, 385, 443

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Unryu Kyūkichi ( sumo wrestler )
  • Kotoshogiku Kazuhiro ( sumo wrestler )
  • Satoshi Tsumabuki (actor)
  • Hideaki Tokunaga (J- pop singer )
  • Hakushu Kitahara ( poet )

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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