Yangjiang (阳江 市) is a prefecture-level city on the southern coast of China's Guangdong Province.

Administrative Divisions

At county level, Yangjiang is composed of a municipality, an independent city and two circles. These are:

  • (1) City District Jiangcheng (江城区), 453 km ², 630,000 inhabitants;
  • (2) City Yangchun (阳春 市), 4055 km ², 1.05 million inhabitants;
  • ( 3) circle Yangxi (阳西县), 1271 km ², 470,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Zhilong (织 篢 镇);
  • ( 4) circle Yangdong (阳东县), 2043 km ², 440,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Dongcheng (东 城镇).



Yangjiang is located in western Guangdong. It is bordered to the west by Maoming, Yunfu to the north, Jiangmen to the east and to the south by the South China Sea.


The climate is subtropical and oceanic Yangjiang.

The average temperature in January is 14.6 ° C and in July at 28 ° C. The rainfall is about 2200 mm / year. Especially in the south of Yangchun exceed the annual precipitation 2600 mm, making them among the highest in Guangdong. With the exception of a large part of the coast the rainfall of over 2000 mm / year are comparatively high. In summer and autumn, there may be typhoons and heavy rain.


By prefecture highway runs from Guangzhou to Zhanjiang (广湛 高速) along the cities Yangdong, Yangjiang and Yangxi and a highway, the Yangjiang and Yangdong with the dense motorway network between Guangzhou, Foshan, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai and Macao connects (西部 沿海 高速literally "West" " along the sea ", " Motorway ").

In the north of the prefecture ( Yangchun ) railway line runs from Guangzhou to Zhanjiang (三 茂 线). Another smaller railway line runs from the northern part of the prefecture to the port of Yangjiang to the south (阳阳 铁路).


Especially knife, paint, soybeans and fish are for the economy Yang Jiang's important.

60 % of Chinese production of knives and scissors will be held in Yangjiang and 80% of exports come from there. The prefecture is therefore also called the capital of the Scissors (国家 刀剪 之 都). Also one of the special local products is a knife (阳江 小刀literally " Yang Jiang" " small knife "). From Yangjiang come again and again knife forgeries as alleged "Made in Solingen", Global or CHROMA knife.

Production of Dragon has a 1,400 year old tradition in Yangjiang.