Yanguas is a municipality in the Spanish province of Soria, Castile and León, directly on the border with Navarre. It is 45 km from Soria, 37 km from Arnedo away. Districts are: La Vega, La Vega y Lería, Lería, Vellosillo Yangua and Yanguas.


After the Reconquista in the 11th century Yanguas was repopulated in the 12th century. First documents that mention the place, date from the 13th century. During this time the inhabitants Yanguesas were exempted from the payment of toll roads in Castile.

On May 27, 1375 daughter of King Henry II of Castile took place in the district Leria the marriage between Charles Infante of Navarre ( later King Charles III. ) And Eleonora Infanta of Castile, instead. The decisive factor for the choice Lerias likely the limiting location of the place have been: Leria is on Castilian territory, but Navarre is only two kilometers (direct distance ) away.


  • The castle from the 12th century
  • The late Gothic church of San Lorenzo
  • The church of Santa Maria from the 16th century
  • The Torre de San Miguel, the rest of an otherwise vanished church