Yannick Stopyra

Yannick Stopyra ( born January 9, 1961 in Troyes / Aube ) is a former French footballer.

Club career

Stopyra comes from a family that barely gave him any other way than to be itself also footballers: his great-grandmother was one of the founding members of FC Lorient, his uncle Antoine Cuissard was in the 1940/50er years to 27 times national team, his cousin Yvon Goujon came in the 1960s, eleven times and also his father Julien (1960, but only once) in the Équipe Tricolore used. In Redon ( Ille -et -Vilaine, Brittany ) Yannick Stopyra took his first tentative steps footballing; his talent was recognized early and Yannick included in the football school of FC Sochaux, in which in 1979 he also signed a professional contract. In his first season in the top French league he belonged to the starting eleven Sochaliens and played 34 games in Division 1; at the end of this season was the young center-forward French vice-champion and had helped himself to 14 goals. He also received in February 1980, just turned 19, his first appointment to the French national football team. In the following three years Stopyra scored 38 goals in 109 games for Sochaux further. In 1983 he moved back to his hometown Brittany; However, he could not prevent the descent of Stade Rennes.

Similar success as in Sochaux, he was once again between 1984 and 1988 in Toulouse FC, ​​had then also at Girondins Bordeaux a good year, but was in his second season there (1989 /90) used only in a league game. That's why he moved in the middle of the season to AS Cannes (until 1991 ). He then opened his career at FC Metz and the unterklassigen FC Mulhouse finish. Overall, he has played 422 games in the top French league and scored 124 goals, however, was with his clubs neither master nor Cup winner.


  • USSC Redon ( as a teenager )
  • FC Sochaux- Montbéliard (1979-1983; 143 games and 52 goals in the D 1)
  • Stade Rennais ( 1983/84; 37 games and 9 goals)
  • Toulouse FC (1984-1988; 148 games and 46 goals).
  • Girondins de Bordeaux (1988-1989, 33 games and 8 goals)
  • AS Cannes (1989-1991, 37 games and 8 goals)
  • FC Metz (1991 /92, 24 games, 1 goal )
  • FC Mulhouse (1992/ 93)

The National Players

Between February 1980 and April 1988 Yannick Stopyra played a total of 33 times in the Équipe Tricolore, scoring eleven goals for this. However, his successful debut was followed by ( a substitute for the second half and 20 minutes later, already his first international goal ) a longer time in which it coach Michel Hidalgo hardly taken into account: the second short-term use in September 1981, an even shorter third in May 1982 - and the World Cup in Spain took place without Stopyra. Although he later played frequently and met, he was not taken even when France won the European Championship (1984). Only then, under Henri Michel Hidalgo's successor, was Yannick Stopyra regular players of the Bleus; at the Football World Cup 1986, he stood in six of seven games on the pitch, and scored two goals, also met in a penalty shoot-out against Brazil in the quarterfinals. The third place in the tournament was the greatest success at the international level Stopyras.

Life after the active period

Today Yannick Stopyra are his experiences to young people further: he is Director of the Centre de Formation of the French Football Federation FFF for the north- east of the country in Madine / Meuse. In November 2006, he undertook the Qatar club as head coach.


  • World Cup bronze medalist in 1986 in Mexico
  • Tournoi de France ( 1988)