Yao Chia-wen

Yao Chia -wen (Chinese姚嘉文, Pinyin Yao Jiawen; born June 16, 1938 in Hemei, Changhua County, Taiwan ) is a Taiwanese politician. He was from 2002 to 2008 Chairman of the Audit Yuan. From 1987 to 1988 he was chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP ).


Yao was born in 1938 as the oldest of twelve siblings and worked from 1957 as a clerk of the state-owned telephone company. In 1962, he took the same time to his professional activities, a law degree from the National Taiwan University in 1966 and received approval as a lawyer.

After a stay abroad in 1972 at the University of California at Berkeley, he campaigned for a reform of the legal system and was co-founder of legal advice for citizens (平民 法律 服务 中心, Pingmin fǎlǜ fúwùzhōngxīn ). In 1975 he took over the defense of Kuo Yu -hsin (Chinese郭 雨 新, Pinyin Guo Yǔxīn ), one of the most important people in the Dangwai movement, which in 1977 had to emigrate to the United States. While still prevailed martial law in Taiwan, he took over in 1975, the legal advice of the magazine " Chenglun Taiwan " (台湾 政论Chinese, English Taiwan Political Review), which was banned after five issues. In 1978, he called in his book maintenance and amendment of the law (Chinese护法 与 变法, Pinyin Hùfǎ yǔ biànfǎ ) national elections and the abolition of the Long Parliament. In September 1979, Yao co-founder of the political magazine Formosa Magazine (Chinese美丽 岛, pinyin Měilìdǎo ), in the wake of the Kaohsiung Incident Yao was arrested and convicted in 1980 by a military tribunal of treason to twelve years in prison. After seven years in prison Yao was dismissed.

Yao belonged from 1988 to 1994 and from 1996 to 1998 the party executive of the DPP and was from 1987 to 1988 chairman of the party. Under his leadership as Chairman of the Party adopted the program for the sovereign independence of Taiwan, after the demand for state independence should remain unpunished.

1992 Yao was elected to the Legislative Yuan, his re-election in 1995 failed. In the following years he was on the one hand as a member of the party executive, he also took over teaching at the Tsing - Hua University and practiced as a lawyer from 1999 again, after he received no mandate for the Legislative Yuan in 1998. He also worked from 2000 as a consultant to President Chen Shui -bian. From 2002 to 2008, Yao was the Chairman of the Audit Yuan.

Yao's wife, Chou Ching- yu (Chinese周清玉, Pinyin Zhou Qingyu, born April 12, 1944), is a Member of the Legislative Yuan.