Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site

The Yaquina Bay State Park is located west of the city of Newport in Lincoln County in Oregon in the western U.S., right on the Pacific coast. In the south of the 13 ha park, the Yaquina Bay, by the Yaquina River flows is, in the east it borders on the U.S. Highway 101, which leads here on the Yaquina Bay Bridge over the bay. On the northern edge of the park lies the district Nye Beach District of Newport, the Waterfront Newport is located in the neighborhood.


Built in 1871 the U.S. Lighthouse Service lighthouse at Yaquina Bay one which has already been abandoned in 1874 in favor of the Yaquina Head lighthouse. The area around the old lighthouse was transferred from the State of Oregon Lightouse service in 1934 and 1971. In the 1930s, a department of the Civilian Conservation Corps paths and other facilities in the park area. The jetties protecting the entrance to the Yaquina Bay against the waves were built 1888-1896. The northern of these moles is located in the park.


The park is equipped with parking lots, paved roads, covered picnic areas with tables and grill as well as public toilets and access to the state, a campsite is not available. A marked, about 4 km long trail runs through the park. In addition to the beach in the south, is part of the Pacific Coast of the park wooded cliff, from up here, as well as from some northern Yaquina Head, the train of gray whales along the Pacific coast are observed. Furthermore, a monument in honor of the fishermen died at sea and the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is located in the park. The entrance to the park, which is maintained by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is charged.