Yara, Cuba

Yara on the map of Cuba

Yara is a small town and a municipality in the province of Granma in eastern Cuba. It lies about halfway between the cities of Manzanillo and Bayamo on the Gulf of Guacanayabo. The word Yara means something like "place " in the language of the Tainos, the original inhabitants of Cuba.

Yara in 1912 to a municipality, comparable to a German community, when it was split from the municipality of Manzanillo. It is divided into the districts Yara Yara Arriba, Coco, Caboa, Cabagán, Calambrosio and Canabacoa.

The place is famous by the so-called reputation of Yara, as the landowner Carlos Manuel de Céspedes calling for a struggle against the colonial power Spain and all his slaves released them. In addition, this should be the place where the fighting against the Spanish conquistadors Taíno chief Hatuey met his death at the stake in 1513.

Demographic data

In 2012, 57 190 people were living in the municipality of Yara. It has an area of 576 km ² and a population density of 102.1 inhabitants per km ².

Sons and daughters of the city

  • Bartolomé Maso (1830-1907); Activist for the independence of Cuba and President of the Republic in Arms
  • Huber Matos (1918-2014); former commander in the Cuban Revolution and later dissident